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Consultations for Authorised deposit-taking institutions

Data and reporting


This page contains information on the review of APRA’s authorised deposit-taking institutions' Points of Presence data collection and publication (ADI Points of Presence Review).

APRA’s review implements Recommendation 7 of the Regional Banking Taskforce, which recommended APRA review its Points of Presence collection to better capture indicators on how banking services are accessed. 

1 December 2022

This page contains APRA's direction for data collections and each industry’s roadmap for the creation of new collections and the transition to APRA Connect over the next five years.

29 January 2024

APRA requests feedback from interested stakeholders on proposed updates to the modernised Economic and Financial Statistics (EFS) data collection reporting standards and guidance.

Financial resilience


1 August 2023

This page contains APRA's consultation on new prudential requirements for remuneration. The new requirements will help regulated entities align remuneration practices with risk, performance and their long-term viability.


11 August 2021

APRA consulted on revisions to its approach to licensing and supervising new entrant authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs). The updated approach reflects a greater understanding of the operational and financial challenges new entrants face.

Recovery and resolution

18 May 2023

APRA is consulting on new prudential standards to strengthen the preparedness of banks, insurers and superannuation trustees to respond to future financial crises.

Risk management

April 2024

This page sets out details of APRA’s proposals in relation to Operational Risk Management for all APRA-regulated entities, it includes a discussion paper and proposed new prudential standard.

October 2021

APRA has consulted on its draft expectations regarding authorised deposit-taking institutions’ (ADIs’) preparedness for the possibility of zero and negative interest rates.

December 2019

This page contains APRA's consultation on proposed revisions to the prudential framework for Large Exposures for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs).

June 2019

APRA is releasing a new prudential standard and updated guidance in relation to information security across all APRA-regulated industries. As technological developments continue to expand, the scope and sophistication of potential malicious activity against financial institutions will increase. The new requirements and guidance will help regulated entities to manage these risks.