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Register of general insurance

The institutions listed below are regulated by APRA in accordance with Section 122 of the Insurance Act.

Updated 22 October 2021


Authorised to conduct new or renewal insurance business

Certain insurers listed below have condition(s) on their authorisation and/or have been authorised by virtue of determinations made by APRA under items 4 and 5 of Schedule 2 of the General Insurance Reform Act 2001

Information on Lloyd's operations in Australia

Part VII, section 93 of the Insurance Act 1973 (the Act) authorises Lloyd's Underwriters to write Australian insurance business.

Sections 65 to 73 of the Act provide for special Australian policyholder protection provisions associated with Lloyd's.

Lloyd's underwriting members, whether as individuals or companies, conduct their business in groups known as "syndicates". A member may belong to a number of syndicates, varying in size and underwriting different types of insurance and levels of risk. The Lloyd's market currently comprises some 84 syndicates (2009). Each syndicate is an annual venture – at the end of each year, the syndicate ceases writing new business and new syndicates are formed for the following year. It is relevant to note that a member underwrites for its own account on a syndicate; it is not in partnership and does not have any joint liability with any other members underwriting on that syndicate.

In practice, the members usually arrange their own participation in a syndicate or syndicates in conjunction with advice they may receive from their registered "members' agent". Each member must appoint a Lloyd's registered members' agent who will select and/or give advice on syndicate participation and generally administer the member's insurance business. Any particular members' agent may look after many members and is paid a fee and commission from each member.

Syndicates are managed by Lloyd's registered "managing agents". A managing agent is responsible for the underwriting and management of each syndicate it establishes. The managing agent does not perform the underwriting role, this role is performed by suitably qualified and experienced underwriters who are appointed to each managed syndicate. It is the syndicate members who undertake liability under the insurance contracts arranged by these underwriters.

Syndicates may also issue authorities to certain underwriting agents and brokers (known as coverholders) in Australia to accept business within specified classes on their behalf.

Facilitating the conduct of the insurance business by Lloyd's members is the Corporation of Lloyd's, a non-profit organisation which is financed by subscriptions from underwriting members, and provides the physical infrastructure, the administrative staff, the accounting systems and other services which enable the membership to transact insurance business.

Insurers only authorised to conduct run-off business

General insurers listed as being in run-off are restricted by APRA from writing new or renewal insurance business. However, the company may still be acting as an insurance agent, broker or underwriting agent for other general insurers.


Insurer Year run-off commenced

​Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Limited

Signed 4 March 2015


Australian Family Assurance Limited (in Liquidation)



Boral Insurance Pty Limited


Commonwealth Steamship Insurance Company Pty Ltd


Commonwealth Steamship Insurance Company Pty Ltd

Published 21 October 2021


Corrvas Insurance Pty Ltd


Credicorp Insurance Pty. Ltd.

Published 21 October 2021


FM Insurance Company Limited


Genworth Financial Mortgage Indemnity Limited



Gordian Runoff Limited


Master Butchers Co-operative Ltd



MetLife General Insurance Limited


North Insurances Pty Ltd


Professional Insurance Australia Pty Ltd


RealCover Insurances Pty Limited

Variation of licence conditions: RealCover


Sirius International Insurance Corporation


Revoked insurance authorisations (since 1 January 2002)

Revoked general insurers have transferred their insurance liabilities to another insurance company. Most of these exits were a result of existing insurance groups adjusting their corporate structures and the insurance liabilities were transferred to a parent or related insurer. In some cases, the brand name of the revoked insurer may continue to exist in relation to its business as an insurance agent, broker or underwriting agent for other general insurers.

Revoked insurers Date of revocation
ADFA Insurance Pty Ltd 7 April 2003
​A.F.G. Insurances Limited ​13 August 2015
Alea Europe AG 4 April 2002
Alea London Limited 19 December 2008
​American Home Assurance Company 22 December 2011​
American International Assurance Company (Australia) Limited 30 November 2007
AMP General Insurance Limited 25 June 2003
​ANZCover Insurance Pty Ltd ​3 September 2015
​Atradius Credit Insurance N.V. ​30 January 2017
​Australian Alliance Insurance Company Limited ​30 September 2013
​Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited ​30 September 2013
Australian International Insurance Limited 19 February 2008
Australia Pacific Professional Indemnity Insurance Company Ltd 30 June 2004
​AXA Insurance Australia Limited ​30 June 2014
Axa Re Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 10 March 2005
AXA Corporate Solutions Assurance 8 November 2019
​AXIS Specialty Europe SE ​27 March 2017
Budget Insurance Company Limited 3 June 2008
Calliden Group Limited 23 November 2007
​Calliden Insurance Limited ​13 June 2017
Calliden Limited 15 December 2008
Cavell Insurance Company Limited 19 June 2009
​CGU Insurance Limited ​25 September 2017
​CGU-VACC Insurance Limited ​25 September 2017
​Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Limited ​24 February 2017
​Church Bay Limited 22 December 2011​
Colonial Protection Insurance Pty Limited 31 October 2006
Combined Insurance Company of America 22 December 2010
Commercial Alliance Lenders Mortgage Insurance Limited 18 January 2002
Cumis Insurance Society Inc​ 17 August 2012​
​Curasalus Insurance Pty Ltd ​5 May 2011
Dentists' Sickness and Accident Insurance Pty Ltd 26 May 2004
Elders Insurance Ltd​ 13 December 2012​
FAI Allianz Limited 12 November 2002
Farmers' Mutual Insurance Limited 13 February 2007
GE Capital Insurance (Australia) Pty Limited 26 June 2002
GE Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation (Australia) Pty Limited 11 August 2004
GE Mortgage Insurance Pty Ltd 11 August 2004
GE Reinsurance Corporation 1 October 2002
​General Reinsurance AG ​26 June 2015
​GIO General Limited ​30 September 2013
Gordian Mortgage Insurance Limited 6 November 2002
​HBF Insurance Pty Ltd ​25 September 2017
HDI-Gerling Australia Insurance Company Pty Limited 21 December 2010
HSB Engineering Insurance Limited 23 December 2020
​IAG Re Australia Limited ​25 September 2017
Iag Re Limited 19 November 2007
​Lionheart Insurance Pty Ltd ​2 June 2014
​Long Grove Insurance Company Limited ​13 January 2017
MDU Australia Insurance Co Pty Limited 15 August 2008
Mercantile Mutual Insurance (Workers Compensation) Limited 21 June 2002
​MGIC Australia Pty Limited ​22 March 2016
MMIA Pty Limited 18 July 2008
​Mortgage Risk Management Pty Ltd ​17 December 2015
​MTA Insurance Limited ​30 September 2015
Munich Reinsurance America Inc 15 March 2011
Munich Reinsurance Company of Australasia Limited 17 May 2005
Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited 27 January 2010
​Mutual Community General Insurance Pty Ltd ​25 September 2017
NAC Reinsurance International Limited 12 March 2002
​Nipponkoa Insurance Company Limited ​26 August 2014
​Norna Limited 26 September 2014​
NRG London Reinsurance Company Ltd 23 November 2007
NRG Victory Australia Limited 17 December 2007
NTI Limited 28 June 2002
Ovoid Insurance Pty Limited 19 September 2005
​Permanent LMI Pty. Limited ​9 August 2013
PMI Indemnity Limited 1 August 2006
​Poseidon Insurance Co Pty Ltd ​27 June 2016
Professional Indemnity Insurance Company Australia Pty. Limited 30 June 2008
Progressive Direct Insurance Company 22 February 2018
RACI Pty Ltd 24 June 2002
Reward Insurance Limited 22 March 2004
Riverstone (Stockholm) Insurance Corporation (Publ) 12 March 2002
Scor Switzerland Ltd 21 December 2009
SGIC General Insurance Limited 11 February 2005
SGIO Insurance Limited 11 February 2005
Sphere Drake Insurance Limited

20 October 2009

​St George Insurance Australia Pty Limited ​28 September 2011
St Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company 14 June 2002
​Suncorp Metway Insurance Limited 30 September 2013​
Sunderland Marine Insurance Company Limited 25 January 2019
Sunstate Lenders Mortgage Insurance Pty Ltd 28 October 2009
​Swann Insurance (Aust) Pty Ltd ​25 September 2017
Swiss Re Australia Ltd 30 June 2005
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd 2 June 2020
TGI Australia Limited​ 20 September 2012​
The Chiyoda Fire & Marine Insurance Company 1 July 2002
The Copenhagen Reinsurance Company Limited 22 December 2010
The Koa Fire & Marine Insurance Co Ltd 31 March 2002
The Mercantile and General Reinsurance Co of Australia Ltd 30 June 2005
​The Mortgage Insurance Company Pty. Limited ​30 May 2014
TIC Members Group Ltd 22 March 2010
​Tower Insurance Limited ​23 December 2013
Transport Industries Insurance Company Limited 24 June 2002
​Travelers Insurance Company Limited ​25 September 2013
Wesfarmers Federation Insurance Limited 11 June 2009
Western Lenders Mortgage Insurance Company Limited 30 June 2007
Western QBE Insurance Limited 24 June 2002
Westport Insurance Corporation 7 June 2010
​WFI Insurance Limited ​25 September 2017
​W.R. Berkley Insurance (Europe), Limited ​22 September 2017
XL Re Europe 30 September 2004
XL Re Ltd 21 April 2010
Zurich Insurance Company 30 March 2004

 APRA's enabling legislation