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Last updated 3 February 2023

APRA’s Privacy Policy sets out APRA’s collection and use of personal and sensitive information.

Personal and sensitive information that APRA collects is used:

  • for prudential regulation and enforcement activities in respect of the Australian financial services industry;
  • to respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 or Privacy Act 1988;
  • to provide information to those requesting to be on an APRA mailing list;
  • to employ staff, engage contractors and maintain the operations of APRA in compliance with legislation, rules and guidelines;
  • to answer inquiries and process complaints made to APRA or respond to inquiries from the Commonwealth Ombudsman; and
  • in correspondence with overseas regulators.

APRA is committed to:

  • having access to the appropriate information, including personal and sensitive information, to enable APRA to fulfil its prudential regulatory remit and its obligations as an employer, contractor and government agency;
  • ensuring that personal and sensitive information held is accurate and securely maintained; and
  • ensuring individuals have a means to access and, if necessary, request the correction of personal and sensitive information held by APRA.

Visiting APRA’s website - analytics tools and cookies

APRA’s web analytics tool, provided by a third party provider, uses cookies to collect or view website traffic information. The information collected may include the IP address of the device used by visitors to the site and information about sites that IP address has come from, the pages and documents accessed on APRA’s website and the next site visited. APRA uses the information to maintain, secure and improve the website. Visitors to APRA’s website can opt out of the collection of this information by disabling cookies in their browser.

No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except, in the unlikely event of an investigation, where a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the Internet Service.

Where APRA’s websites allow visitors to make comments or provide feedback APRA may collect visitors’ contact details. These contact details will only be used for the purpose for which they are provided and will not be added to a mailing list without consent.

Privacy Impact Assessment Register

From 1 July 2018, APRA is required under paragraph 15 of the Privacy (Australian Government Agencies – Governance) APP Code 2017 to maintain and publish a register of the Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) it conducts on its website. A PIA is a systematic assessment of a project that identifies the impact that the project might have on the privacy of individuals, and sets out recommendations for managing, minimising or eliminating that impact.

July - December 2022

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Financial Accountability Regime data collectionProcess for information collections made under the Financial Accountability Regime.11/10/2022
Data Collection Migration projectProgram to transition all collections to APRA Connect. 12/01/2023

January - June 2022

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Enabling Modern Collaboration projectProgram to better enable collaboration within APRA. 24/01/2023

July - December 2021

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
APRA ConnectSystem for regulated entities to submit data and information to APRA.11/10/2022
Wellbeing supportSystem for employees to seek wellbeing assistance and engage in self-directed change.20/10/2021

January - June 2021

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Graduate applicationsGraduate employment application management service.19/02/2021
Pre-employment assessmentsSystem to test cognitive abilities and behaviours.09/03/2021
Leadership assessmentsSystem to support candidate selections09/03/2021
Crisis conferencingSystem for emergency calls.04/05/2021
Super Member Outcomes and Your Future Your SuperProcess for reviewing superannuation fund performance and improving information transparency.       23/06/2021

July - December 2020

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Supervision systemSystem to support regulatory supervision and risk management.03/12/2020
Information managementSystem for managing documents and records.14/12/2020

January - June 2020

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
FSSA approval processProcess for assessing applications made under the Financial Sector (Shareholdings) Act 1998.30/01/2020
Direct2APRA (D2A)System for regulated entities to submit data and information to APRA.24/02/2020

July - December 2019

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Finance budgeting and forecasting toolSystem to support financial reporting and accounting analysis processes.04/11/2019
Finance and procurement process systemSystem to support team processes and maintain financial data.204/11/2019
P&C replacement systemSystem to support recruitment, employee management and learning.04/12/2019

January - June 2019

Title of PIAShort descriptionDate last updated
Employee surveysSystem for employee feedback.05/04/2019