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Consultations for Superannuation

Business operations

Open to submissions
21 December 2023

This page contains information regarding APRA's consultation on proposed enhancements to Superannuation Prudential Standard SPS 515 Strategic Planning and Member Outcomes (SPS 515) to sharpen industry focus on the delivery of outcomes to members.

Open to submissions
13 May 2024

This page contains information regarding APRA's consultation on the superannuation industry's approaches and plans to maintain the financial strength needed to operate their businesses effectively and protect their members' best financial interests.

Data and reporting

1 December 2022

This page contains APRA's direction for data collections and each industry’s roadmap for the creation of new collections and the transition to APRA Connect over the next five years.


Open to submissions
28 February 2024

This page contains APRA’s consultation on minor and consequential amendments to the superannuation prudential framework affecting audit, governance and fitness and propriety.

15 August 2023

This page contains all relevant information on APRA's proposed class exemption for some registrable superannuation entity (RSE) licensee directors from the change of control and ownership provisions of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act).

1 August 2023

This page contains APRA's consultation on new prudential requirements for remuneration. The new requirements will help regulated entities align remuneration practices with risk, performance and their long-term viability.


Recovery and resolution

18 May 2023

APRA is consulting on new prudential standards to strengthen the preparedness of banks, insurers and superannuation trustees to respond to future financial crises.

Risk management

April 2024

This page sets out details of APRA’s proposals in relation to Operational Risk Management for all APRA-regulated entities, it includes a discussion paper and proposed new prudential standard.