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Status: Closed
November 2021

Guidance on contingent liquidity for locally-incorporated ADIs subject to LCR requirements

APRA has consulted on its proposed guidance on contingent liquidity for locally-incorporated authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) subject to APS 210 Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) requirements.

November 2021


On 18 November 2021, following industry consultation, APRA released a letter outlining its final guidance for locally-incorporated LCR ADIs to maintain contingent liquidity through self-securitised assets on an ongoing basis.

The letter and non-confidential submission can be found below: 


Letter to all locally-incorporated LCR ADIs: contingent liquidity – final guidance 

Non-confidential submission

July 2021

Release of consultation letter on contingent liquidity to locally-incorporated ADIs subject to LCR requirements


On 14 July 2021, APRA released a letter to consult on contingent liquidity for locally-incorporated ADIs subject to APS 210 LCR requirements. 

Based on APRA’s analysis and experience of the liquidity impacts through the early stages of COVID-19, APRA considers that it would be prudent for an ADI to maintain surplus self-securitised assets amounting to at least 30 per cent of its LCR Net Cash Outflows. 

The letter to industry can be found below:

Letter to ADIs: Contingent liquidity - Proposed guidance

Note on submissions

It is APRA's policy to publish all submissions on the APRA website unless the respondent specifically tells APRA in writing that all or part of the submission is to remain confidential. An automatically generated confidentiality statement in an email does not satisfy this purpose. If you would like only part of your submission to be confidential, you should provide this information marked as 'confidential' in a separate attachment.