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Grants and scholarships

APRA currently offers the following grants and scholarships:

Brian Gray Scholarship

APRA and the Reserve Bank of Australia established the Brian Gray Scholarship program in memory of Brian Gray, who died on 24 August 2001 while serving as Executive General Manager of APRA's Policy, Research and Consulting Division. Read more about the Brian Gray Scholarship.

UNSW Co-op Actuarial Scholarship

APRA is a sponsor of the UNSW Co-op program. This program provides students with financial assistance and the opportunity to gain practical experience through industry placements with employer sponsors. The Co-op program covers a number of disciplines. APRA offers an actuarial placement. More information is available on the UNSW website.

The list required by the Commonwealth Grant Rules and Guidelines of the recipients of the grants and scholarships awarded by APRA can be viewed here:

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