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Information for journalists

Media enquiries 

You can contact APRA's Corporate Affairs team during business hours on +61 2 9210 3636 or via

Outside of normal business hours, please call 0418 203 570. 

When contacting by email, please include:

  • details of the request;
  • requested deadline for a reply;
  • contact details; and
  • outlet represented.

Limitations on public comment

APRA may not be able to meet a requested deadline or provide the requested information at all. Section 56 of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority Act 1998 (Cth.) (APRA Act) makes it an offence for an officer of APRA to disclose information relating to the affairs of a regulated financial institution. This legislative prohibition applies to all public comment from APRA.

These restrictions mean that, unless a specific exception under s56 of the APRA Act applies, APRA cannot:

  • disclose information about the financial institutions it regulates (including their customers and related companies) unless that information is already lawfully in the public domain; or
  • comment on its dealings with the financial institutions it regulates.

As a result, when journalists approach APRA seeking information on regulated financial institutions and on related APRA activities (such as possible investigations), APRA may not be able to comment on the matter, or confirm or deny specific information. APRA may provide broad information about APRA’s regulatory role for background or clarification purposes. Furthermore, APRA does not provide comment on non APRA-regulated institutions.

Providing public comment

APRA regularly publishes commentary and insights on APRA-regulated industries in media releases, speeches, papers and publications. These updates outline APRA’s official position and can be found on the following pages: