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Accessing APRA Connect

Last updated: 27 June 2022

APRA Connect has a production and a test environment, which are separate. There is no data transfer between the two environments and therefore entities will need to be set up in both environments. 

APRA Connect is integrated with the Australian Government’s Digital Identity systemAccess APRA Connect at to submit information and data.

Access APRA Connect test environment at to become familiar with APRA Connect, trialling data preparation and other functionalities. 

Each organisation is responsible for the management of their APRA Connect users, and for ensuring roles are assigned in line with their own governance processes.

Accessing APRA Connect:

  • Entities must ensure that all users have myGovID to establish their digital identity and be authorised by their organisation in RAM to access APRA services on its behalf.  
  • Entities must nominate one user for each ABN who will be assigned by APRA to the Regulatory Reporting Administrator (RRA) role, which is the only role with permissions to manage user access. For more information on User Roles and Administration, please review the APRA Connect Guide.
  • APRA Administrators will assist by assigning the initial Regulatory Reporting Administrator with their roles and permissions upon their first interaction with APRA Connect. Entities should nominate via the D2A form ‘RRA_PROD: APRA Connect nomination for 13 September go live’. Entities will also need to nominate any additional roles that are required to be assigned to the initial RRA. The additional roles that can be requested for the initial RRA are Corporate Profile Administrator and Ad hoc return permissions. 
  • Nominations to access the APRA Connect test environment can also be submitted through the D2A form: RRA: APRA Connect test nomination. APRA will assign the initial RRA the additional roles of Corporate Profile User and Ad hoc return permissions for the test environment only. This will ensure that the RRA can cover all capability areas where an entity chooses to assign only one RRA. 
  • Entities that do not use D2A currently should contact us at

Important Note for RAM Administrators

The email address that is used in RAM can be different from the email address used for myGovID digital identity. When setting up authorisations, a business email address should be specified. This email address will be used by APRA Connect for all email notifications.

Service Providers must be authorised in RAM by the organisation on whose behalf they submit, i.e. their authorisation must be associated with the organisation’s ABN, not their own.  

Please refer to published materials to find out more about myGovIDRAM and Digital Identity.

Using APRA Connect

Refer to the APRA Connect support material which includes the Guide and frequently asked questions. Contact the team at

Technical issues?

Log a support request with the Service Desk at and ensure that you include the ABN of the entity the issue relates to.

For urgent issues call +61 2 9210 3400 between 9am and 5pm AEST weekdays.

Need help with myGovID or RAM?

Please refer to the Australian Government's published material to find out more about the Digital Identity systemmyGovID and RAM.