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APRA Connect release notes

The APRA Connect release notes provide details on any updates made to the APRA Connect system.


21 January 2022 - Performance issues addressed and new functionality introduced, new SDT artefacts and change log published

What has changed

Issues addressed

Other key changes

  • New SDT artefects and change log published
  • Functionality added to allow regulatory reporting contact roles to be added to corporate profile for non-operating holding companies and wholesale funders. 

Exporting validation rules and explanations into Excel 

While uploading data entities may encounter validation error messages. To help analyse these errors an MS Excel export option is now available from the Validation Issues page. This will enable entities to sort and filter through large numbers of rule failures associated with a submission. Additionally, for warning rules that require explanations, the standard MS Excel template containing these explanations can be uploaded into a submission, greatly simplifying the submission process. More information about this change can be found on the APRA Connect guide. (Section 6.10.2)

SDT historical data submissions - SRS 705.1 and SRS 251.0 

Implementation of rule constraints to allow submission of historical data. Please refer to relevant Change logs and APRA Connect taxonomy artefacts for your specific industry. 

MyGov – Single User Name 

The system has been updated to cater for the scenario where a user’s legal name can be a single name. 

Performance & Error Handling  

Various system updates and error handling configurations have been implemented enabling better performance and a more user-friendly experience.    

Limiting the number of validation errors that are triggered 

Once 200 validation errors have been triggered within a submission, the system will stop validating data and notify the user of the failure to process the submission.  

26 November 2021 - APRA Connect: New artefacts and change logs published

What's changed

Issues addressed

Changes to the Private Health Insurance and selected  Superannuation validation rules.  

Please refer to relevant Change logs and APRA Connect taxonomy artefacts for your specific industry.   

ARS 115.0 Operational Risk 

ARS 115.0 Operational Risk is now available for ADI’s to test in the APRA Connect test environment 

SRS 605 – Re-submissions  

Requests for resubmission of the SRS 605.0 RSE Structure will be assessed and approved manually 

Large Submissions

A number of entitles have experienced difficulties while submitting large amounts of data to APRA. One of the changes to address these issues implemented in this release is to process returns offline.

When you submit your return, APRA Connect will prompt you to continue with the submission and then: 

  • For small amounts of data, provide immediate feedback on the result of the submission in the form of the usual validation rules (including the validation rule that prevents automatic submission); or 
  • For large amounts of data, process ‘offline’, allowing you to continue to prepare and submit other returns. Once the return is processed you will receive an email either confirming the return has been submitted or there are validation rules to be addressed.  

Note: along with the implementation of offline processing, APRA recommends that entities submitting large amounts of data should not opt-in to the validation rule that prevents automatic submission. 





Using APRA Connect

Refer to the APRA Connect support material which includes the Guide and frequently asked questions. Contact the team at

Technical issues?

Log a support request with the Service Desk at and ensure that you include the ABN of the entity the issue relates to.

For urgent issues call +61 2 9210 3400 between 9am and 5pm AEST weekdays.

Need help with myGovID or RAM?

Refer to the myGovID website.