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APRA's organisation structure

APRA organisation chart as at 6 July 2021
Published 6 July 2021

APRA organisation structure

The APRA Executive Group consists of

  • Wayne Byres, Chairman
  • Helen Rowell, Deputy Chair
  • John Lonsdale, Deputy Chair
  • Margaret Cole, APRA Member

The Audit & Risk Committee and the Chief Internal Auditor – report directly to the Executive Group. The Chief Internal Auditor is Philip Wang. 

Six Executive Directors report to the Executive Group. The Executive Directors and the management teams that report to them are:

Executive Director, Policy & Advice, Renee Roberts

  • General Manager Policy, Gideon Holland 
  • General Manager Advice and Approvals, Peter Kohlhagen
  • General Counsel, Warren Scott
  • Deputy General Counsel, Lucinda McCann
  • General Manager Resolution, Chris Gower
  • General Manager Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Melisande Waterford

Executive Director, Banking, Therese McCarthy Hockey

  • General Manager - Branch 1, Paul Tattersall 
  • General Manager - Branch 2, Lara Douglas 
  • General Manager - Branch 3, Clare Gibney
  • General Manager Credit and Market Risk, Peter Diamond

Executive Director, Insurance, Brandon Khoo

  • General Manager - Branch 1, Sharyn Reichstein
  • General Manager - Branch 2, John Huijsen
  • General Manager - Branch 3, Suzanne Johnson
  • Head of Insurance Risk, Jonathan Wood

Executive Director, Superannuation, Suzanne Smith

  • General Manager - Branch 1, Adrian Rees
  • General Manager - Branch 2, Katrina Ellis

The Banking, Insurance and Superannuation divisions are supported by the Supervisory Applications & Solutions team, led by General Manager, Robert McDowell (Acting).

Executive Director, Cross-Industry Insights and Data, Sean Carmody

  • General Manager Data Analytics, Alison Bliss
  • General Manager APRA Conect Program, Doug Jenkins
  • General Manager Operational Resilience, Bruce Young
  • General Manager Accountability Regime, Raman Sandhu
  • General Manager Governance, Culture, Remuneration & Accountability, Stuart Bingham

Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Services, Steve Matthews

  • General Manager People and Culture, Joanna Bakker
  • General Manager Corporate Affairs, Paula Hannaford
  • Chief Information Officer, Chye Hew (Acting)
  • Director of Strategy & Chief Risk Officer, Peter Rohde
  • Head of Finance, Mike Goddard
  • Head of Procurement, Property & Facilities, Adam Heath
  • Head of Security and Information Governances, Mikhail Lopushanski

Divisions of APRA

APRA is organised into the following six divisions and one independent internal team:

  • Banking Division
  • Insurance Division
  • Superannuation Division
  • Policy and Advice Division
  • Cross-Industry Insights and Data Division
  • Enterprise Services Division
  • Internal Audit team.

APRA has an industry-based supervision model, with separate supervisory divisions responsible for superannuation, insurance and banking. These frontline divisions focus on financial and risk analysis as the primary part of their supervision function. This involves offsite analysis of data and information, regular contact with the supervised institutions as well as a continual program of onsite reviews.

The Banking Division is responsible for the supervision of licensed authorised deposit-taking institutions including banks, credit unions and building societies.

The Insurance Division is responsible for the prudential supervision of all licensed general insurers, life companies and friendly societies, as well as private health insurance organisations. 

The Superannuation Division is responsible for the prudential supervision of all registered superannuation entity licensees. 

The frontline divisions are supported by the Supervisory Applications and Solutions team, who have a reporting line to all three Executive Directors. The team plays an essential role in maintaining cross-divisional consistency in APRA's supervision framework.

The Policy and Advice Division ensures that APRA's frontline supervisors have the best possible tools to support them in their risk analysis and supervisory interventions. This division consists of Legal Services, Policy, Advice and Approvals, Resolution, and Licensing.

The Cross-Industry Insights and Data Division brings together specialists in statistics, industry analysis and risk to provide expertise in risk assessment, assisting frontline to supervise individual entities and industries as a whole. This division consists of Credit and Market Risk, Governance, Insurance and Operational Risk, and Data Analytics functions.

Enterprise Services Division provides enterprise strategy and risk management, as well as corporate shared services functions that assist other divisions in achieving APRA's strategic objectives. The division consists of People and Culture, Information Technology, Corporate Affairs, Strategy, Portfolio and Change Management, Information Security and Governance, Finance, Facilities and Risk Management and Compliance functions.

The Internal Audit team advises on managing risk across all of APRA, with an independent reporting line to the Audit Committee and direct access to the APRA Members and Executive Board.