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SDT project roadmap

APRA’s Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) project aims to drive better industry practices and improve member outcomes through heightened transparency.


The project timeline provides an up to date view of the SDT collections development roadmap with planned consultation, finalisation of reporting requirements, and implementation (including industry build and commencement of reporting).


Timeframes for implementation are subject to consultation and are indicative only until reporting requirements are finalised.

Important update

A letter has been sent to industry on 31 July 2023 to advise that APRA will shortly commence the first annual review of its data collections roadmap. It also provides additional clarity on APRA’s near-term data priorities to help entities prepare for ongoing engagement and consultation. 

Letter to industry: Review of data collections roadmap.

APRA continues to work with the superannuation industry on data collections as part of Phase 2 of the Superannuation Data Transformation (SDT) project. As advised in its May 2023 letter to industry, APRA will not consult on reporting proposals over the peak year-end reporting period. 

APRA intends to commence formal consultation in November this year on proposed reporting standards for investments (including indirect investment costs), registrable superannuation entity (RSE) and RSE licensee profile, and RSE licensee financials.

APRA intends to postpone consultation on RSE licensee operations, other reporting standards relating to financial data and cross industry proposals for non-financial risk data collection, which were originally intended to commence in November. 

APRA will engage industry on timeframes for consultation on remaining topics, with the intent to confirm timeframes in early 2024. APRA recognises that the Superannuation Data Transformation is already well progressed. APRA will be mindful of the impact on industry and the timeframe for completion of the SDT project when reviewing the roadmap and its timings. 


For full roadmap please contact the SDT team
Updated 31 July 2023


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RSE Licensee and RSE Profile; Investments
Updated to reflect updated consultation delivery timeline.

May 2023

Phase 2 deliverablesUpdated to reflect review of data collections roadmap.July 2023