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FAR implementation for insurance and superannuation entities

The Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) will commence for insurers, their licensed non-operating holding companies (NOHCs), and superannuation trustees from 15 March 2025.

This page contains key materials to support the insurance and superannuation industries with the implementation of the FAR.

Regulator engagement and support for insurance and superannuation entities

The timeline below provides indicative dates of proposed industry engagements and the support available leading up to FAR commencement.

An accessible version of this timeline is available using the link below.

View an accessible version of this timeline.

Invitations, containing a link for registration, will be sent to entities closer to the engagement dates. Entities are encouraged to submit questions to ahead of these sessions.

FAR submissions in APRA Connect

The table below outlines the time periods during which FAR information is to be submitted to the Regulators. 

APRA Connect FAR formSubmission period*
FAR Entity Profile formMid-November – mid-December 2024
FAR Register Accountable Person form13 – 22 February 2025
FAR Accountability Map form (for enhanced entities only)15 March – 14 April 2025

* The system opening date and entity profile submission window will be specified at a later date. The registration and accountability map submission periods are set by legislation. 

Please note that the FAR forms will need to be submitted in the following sequence:

  1. Submit the accountable entity’s FAR Entity Profile form;
  2. Await receipt of the APRA Connect notification email, confirming your entity profile has been successfully processed; thereafter,
  3. Create and submit FAR Register Accountable Person forms (and the FAR Accountability Map form as relevant). 

Insurance and superannuation entities should not lodge any draft documentation prior to formal submissions leading up to commencement. 

Guidance materials for insurance and superannuation entities 

The following guidance materials are available to support insurance and superannuation entities prepare for FAR commencement and provide the required information to the Regulators:

Single point of contact 

Please direct any queries or requests to the Regulators’ mailbox.

Any personal information submitted to this mailbox will be handled in accordance with APRA’s Privacy Policy and FAR Privacy Collection Notice, both available on APRA’s website.