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Register of authorised deposit-taking institutions

The institutions listed below are regulated by APRA in accordance with the Banking Act.

Updated 20 December 2018

Australian-owned banks

  • AMP Bank Ltd
  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited*
  • Australian Military Bank Ltd
  • Auswide Bank Ltd
  • B&E Ltd (trading as Bank of us)
  • Bank Australia Limited
  • Bank of Queensland Limited
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
  • Commonwealth Bank of Australia*
  • Community CPS Australia Limited (trading as Beyond Bank Australia)
  • Defence Bank Limited
  • Endeavour Mutual Bank Ltd
  • G&C Mutual Bank Limited
  • Gateway Bank Ltd
  • Greater Bank Limited
  • Heritage Bank Limited
  • Hume Bank Limited
  • IMB Ltd (trading as IMB Bank)
  • Macquarie Bank Limited
  • Members Banking Group Limited (trading as RACQ Bank)
  • Members Equity Bank Limited
  • MyState Bank Limited
  • National Australia Bank Limited*
  • Police Bank Ltd (trading as Border Bank)
  • Police Financial Services Limited (trading as BankVic)
  • Police & Nurses Limited (trading as P&N Bank)
  • QPCU Limited (trading as QBANK)
  • Qudos Mutual Ltd (trading as Qudos Bank)
  • Regional Australia Bank Ltd
  • Rural Bank Limited (a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited)
  • Suncorp-Metway Limited
  • Teachers Mutual Bank Limited (trading as Firefighters Mutual Bank, Teachers Mutual Bank and UniBank)
  • Tyro Payments Limited
  • Unity Bank Limited
  • Victoria Teachers Limited (trading as Bank First)
  • Westpac Banking Corporation*

* Under paragraph 22 of APS 330, the ADIs identified by (*) are required to make the disclosures for the identification of potential G-SIBs in Attachment H to APS 330.

Foreign subsidiary banks

  • Arab Bank Australia Limited
  • Bank of China (Australia) Limited
  • Bank of Sydney Ltd
  • Citigroup Pty Limited
  • HSBC Bank Australia Limited
  • ING Bank (Australia) Limited (trading as ING)
  • Rabobank Australia Limited

Branches of foreign banks

Building societies

  • Australian Unity Bank Limited
  • Maitland Mutual Building Society Limited
  • Newcastle Permanent Building Society Limited

Credit unions

  • Australian Central Credit Union Ltd (trading as People's Choice Credit Union)
  • Bananacoast Community Credit Union Ltd
  • Central Murray Credit Union Limited
  • Central West Credit Union Limited
  • Coastline Credit Union Limited
  • Community First Credit Union Limited
  • Credit Union Australia Ltd
  • Credit Union SA Ltd
  • Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Limited
  • EECU Limited (trading as Nexus Mutual)
  • Family First Credit Union Limited
  • Fire Service Credit Union Limited
  • Firefighters & Affiliates Credit Co-operative Limited
  • First Choice Credit Union Ltd
  • First Option Credit Union Limited
  • Ford Co-operative Credit Society Limited (trading as Geelong Bank)
  • Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-operative Limited
  • Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd
  • Horizon Credit Union Ltd
  • Hunter United Employees' Credit Union Limited
  • Illawarra Credit Union Limited
  • Laboratories Credit Union Limited
  • Lithuanian Co-operative Credit Society "Talka" Limited
  • Lysaght Credit Union Ltd
  • MacArthur Credit Union Ltd
  • Macquarie Credit Union Limited
  • MCU Ltd
  • Northern Inland Credit Union Limited
  • Orange Credit Union Limited
  • Police Credit Union Limited
  • Pulse Credit Union Limited
  • Queensland Country Credit Union Limited
  • Railways Credit Union Limited (trading as MOVE)
  • South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
  • Southern Cross Credit Union Ltd
  • South-West Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
  • Summerland Financial Services Limited (trading as Summerland Credit Union)
  • Sydney Credit Union Ltd
  • The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd
  • The Capricornian Ltd
  • The Gympie Credit Union Ltd
  • Traditional Credit Union Limited
  • Transport Mutual Credit Union Limited
  • Warwick Credit Union Ltd
  • WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
  • Woolworths Employees' Credit Union Limited

Other ADIs

  • Goldfields Money Limited
  • MyLifeMyFinance Limited

One ADI that provides general banking services which does not fall into the above categories:

  • Cairns Penny Savings & Loans Limited

These companies provide industry services (e.g. payments clearing):

  • Australian Settlements Limited
  • Cuscal Limited
  • Indue Ltd

Providers of purchased payment facilities