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Superannuation Heatmap - archived documents and information

The content on this page relates to previously released content and documentation to support the Superannuation Heatmaps. The most recent version of the Heatmap, and its related documents are available on the MySuper Heatmap page.


Superannuation Heatmap update -  December 2021

APRA published the updated the Choice Heatmap and the MySuper Product Heatmap in December 2021. The documents below were created to provide further insights into what the Heatmap was showing.

MySuper Product Heatmap update -  December 2020


APRA published the updated MySuper Product Heatmap in December 2020. The Supplement to the Information Paper is a summary document listing the minor changes APRA has made to the methodology used in the 2019 Heatmap. The Information Paper has not been updated to reflect these changes. The Information Paper and Supplement should be read together for the methodology used in the 2020 Heatmap.


MySuper Product Heatmap fees and costs update -  June 2020

APRA published its first update to the Heatmap to reflect changes in superannuation fees and costs in the six months since the Heatmap was launched.  More information on the new release can be found in our related media release.

This version of the Heatmap includes updated data on fees and costs through to 29 May 2020.

Key documents:

This workbook provides information on the fee changes of MySuper products from the December 2019 Heatmap to the June 2020 update, including the fee components that have changed.
This paper analyses changes in superannuation fees and costs in the six months since the Heatmap was launched and provides other observations.
This paper contains detailed explanations of how it selected the metrics and benchmarks used in the Heatmap, and the methodology used to take into account important differences in products’ investment strategy and asset allocation.

MySuper Product Heatmap - released 10 December 2019

This version of the MySuper Product Heatmap includes data as at 30 June 2019.


Pre-release documents and announcements - November 2019


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