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Phase 1 – Performance and Member Accounts

On Thursday 19 December 2019 APRA released a second consultation package on its Superannuation Data Transformation. Submissions on these proposals closed on 26 March 2020.

The two topic papers released formed part of Phase 1 of the Superannuation Data Transformation (Breadth), which will address the most urgent gaps in APRA’s data collection, particularly for choice products and investment options.

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Update March 2020

Further to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) including worked examples released on 26 February 2020, APRA has released further FAQs on the topics of Performance and Member Accounts. These have been developed in response to industry questions and feedback as well as details RSE licensees provided on assumptions made in compiling data for the pilot request.

Please contact APRA at as early as possible if you have interpretation questions regarding the provision of pilot data for these topics so we can incorporate them into FAQs as appropriate.

The FAQs and worked examples can be found under the ‘Additional documents’ heading at the bottom of this page.

The topic papers and draft reporting standards can be found below:

Topic papers

Topic Paper 2 - Performance

Topic Paper 3 - Member Accounts

Draft reporting standards 

Additional documents