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New Data Collection Solution frequently asked questions

Below are commonly asked questions about the new Data Collection Solution.  If you have any other questions please contact the Data Collection Solution team at newdatacollectionsolution [at] apra.gov.au.

What is the new Data Collection Solution?

The Data Collection Solution will deliver an easy to use system to securely collect high quality data that is adaptable to future business needs. To achieve this, the D2A platform and its suite of supporting applications will be replaced by a Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTs) web-based solution.

Why is APRA replacing D2A?

To keep pace with advances in data, analytics and technology, APRA needs to replace the current system, D2A.  D2A was implemented in 2001 and is nearing end of life, resulting in increasingly unavailable security updates, fixes and feature updates. Core components of the platform will not be supported in the future, further driving the need for a more advanced solution. This is in line with consistent feedback from reporting entities who have asked APRA for a more efficient solution to submit reporting data.

What major changes will the new Data Collection Solution introduce?

A secure, web-based portal, where users can:

  • access the web-based new Data Collection Solution through standard web browsers
  • work simultaneously on returns and responses to queries
  • upload files and other unstructured data (for example audit reports)
  • view a return’s status and post-submission queries on an easy-to-read dashboard
  • view communication, notifications, submission receipts, queries and responses
  • export submitted data in XLS format, or retrieve in XML or XBRL (if used for submission)

Multiple submission channels and formats
Users will be able to submit data via manual entry, XBRL upload, Microsoft Excel (new), and machine-to-machine via a new Application Programming Interface (API).

An improved validation and query experience
APRA recognises that many user concerns with the data validation process cannot be addressed by the solution itself and will look to ways to improve the validation experience.

Test environments for transition and ongoing support
A test environment will be available from October on an ongoing basis

When will the new Data Collection Solution go-live?

There will be a single cutover date for all reporting entities, which is targeted for March 2020. It is essential that all entities are ready to adopt the new solution by their next reporting due date after go-live as return submissions will not be accepted outside the new solution.

What is the Implementation Plan?

The Implementation Plan provides entities and key stakeholders with an indicative view of the implementation approach across key implementation topics including: stakeholder engagement and communications, readiness, security, testing, training and support. The second version of the Implementation Plan will be released in July 2019 with updated details on the implementation timeline and expectations for entities. You can access the first version of the Implementation Plan from the APRA is replacing D2A page.

Will previous submission data be available in the new Data Collection Solution?

APRA intends to migrate a range of data up to five years to enable entities to resubmit data and for cross-period validations to be triggered. The full history of earlier submissions will continue to be retained in APRA’s data warehouse.

Will the new Data Collection Solution run in parallel to D2A?

No. D2A will not be available once the new Data Collection Solution goes live.  All data submissions must be made through the new Data Collection Solution.

Will APRA provide training for entities?

APRA will provide preliminary training material to entities before the test environment is released in October 2019. This will enable entities to access and navigate the test environment. Comprehensive user-training will be created before go-live in March 2020. 

How will training be provided?

A range of training materials will be made available to suit entities and stakeholders. Training will be modular, based on varying organisation processes and roles. Training will be provided for self-paced learning, and will continue to be available after go-live.

What support will be provided for entities?

APRA will maintain the existing support channels (see below) currently for entities with additional support available through extended support hours during the initial implementation period (including the first few months post go-live) to assist with technical issues and functional queries.

  • Help Desk support: +61 2 9210 3400
  • Email support: support [at] apra.gov.au

How can an entity provide feedback to APRA?

APRA encourages entities to provide feedback on the new solution. Entities can contact the new Data Collection Solution project team via newdatacollectionsolution [at] apra.gov.au. The Implementation Plan also includes a link to an optional survey for entities to provide feedback.

Where can I find out more about the new Data Collection Solution Project?

You can find more information about the new Data Collection Solution here. You can also subscribe to updates, or email the new Data Collection Solution team: newdatacollectionsolution [at] apra.gov.au.