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Improving APRA's website

On 30 September 2019 APRA released an upgraded version of

Find out how APRA has transformed it website and how it works.

APRA has:

  • changed the way it looks and works so it's easier to use
  • reorganised our content so it's easier to find
  • improved navigation and search
  • merged the Financial Claims Scheme website into this one so more information is in one place
  • followed Government best practices

APRA is also in the process of creating a publications archive with documents from its previous websites that people still want to access.

How it works

Reorganised information

Information is now organised into the following areas:

  • Industry information - all APRA information for each regulated industry, organised by topic
  • Data and statistics – APRA’s statistical publications and information about how it collects data
  • Registers - lists of organisations licensed and registered with APRA
  • APRA's functions - information about what APRA does
  • News and publications - media releases, speeches, events and publications by APRA
  • About us - information about APRA, its commitments, structure and reporting

Content review

As APRA reviews and rewrites content, it will apply consistent government style based on the Digital Transformation Agency's content guidelines. This helps to:

  • place the most important information at the top of the page
  • use plain English
  • make sure information is current and correct
  • provide information in different ways, such as with videos and infographics
  • use short paragraphs, clear headings and lists so content is easy to scan and read
  • make sure content is not repeated
  • make sure content is accessible
  • use language understood by users

There are three improved ways to look for information. You can use:

  • the main navigation menu - available at the top of every page to browse our entire website
  • the side navigation menu - available within content to browse within sections
  • new standards pages - new standards pages bring together prudential and reporting standards, guidance, forms and related documents in one place.

The improved search function helps to:

  • find search results that are more relevant
  • narrow down search results using filters.

Continual improvement

Website releases

APRA will regularly release new features, content, updates and fixes to provide a better website experience. Each time we do, we will provide information about what the release includes, why it is important, where you'll see the changes and how to get support.


September 2019: improved navigation, search, colocation and organisation of prudential, reporting and related information on standards pages for each industry

Provide feedback

APRA wants to continually improve its website. Please provide feedback through:

  • surveys - complete targetted survey questions to help improve specific features
  • contact us - email, call or write to APRA with your feedback.