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APRA is interested in any information which can be provided about:

  • the financial health of the institutions we regulate;
  • the prudent management of those institutions;
  • any possible failure to comply with the laws APRA administers; and/or
  • APRA not properly performing its functions.

General enquiries

If you have an enquiry or complaint about how an APRA-regulated institution handles your personal affairs, you should first contact the institution concerned. Complaints must be made in writing to ensure your concerns are properly recorded by the institution.

APRA supervises authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) such as banks, building societies and credit unions, as well as insurance companies, including private health insurers and superannuation funds to promote the prudent management of these institutions. As such, APRA deals with systemic matters at an institution level rather than pursuing individual complaints about products and services, unless they are of a prudential concern.

Please check Providing information on the institutions APRA regulates for guidance.

Alternatively, email using the list below or phone 1300 558 849, or if calling from overseas: + 61 2 8037 9015.

Email APRA

  • PADRequestsFAE [at] apra.gov.au (subject: Enquiry%20or%20application%20to%20use%20the%20word%20%E2%80%98bank%E2%80%99%20in%20a%20business%20name%20) (Enquiries or applications to use the word ‘bank’ in a business name)
  • Licensing [at] apra.gov.au (Obtaining a licence from APRA to operate as an authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI), insurer or superannuation entity)
  • DataAnalytics [at] apra.gov.au (subject: Request%20for%20details%20in%20relation%20to%20a%20former%20APRA-regulated%20institution%20that%20no%20longer%20exists%20) (Finding details in relation to a former APRA-regulated institution that no longer exists)
  • APRATeam [at] datacom.com.au (subject: Request%20for%20a%20formal%20letter%20from%20APRA%20stating%20your%20superannuation%20fund%20is%20a%20complying%20fund%20) (Obtaining a formal letter from APRA stating your superannuation fund is a complying fund)
  • communications [at] apra.gov.au (Media enquiries)
  • info [at] apra.gov.au (General enquiry)

Please note: while we like to receive information on prudential concerns relating to APRA-regulated institutions, it can take up to 15 working days to respond depending on the nature of the enquiry.

Other information

Financial Claims Scheme consumer website

The Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) is an Australian Government initiative that protects depositors of authorised deposit-taking institutions (banks, building societies and credit unions) and policyholders of general insurance companies from potential loss due to the failure of these institutions. If the FCS is activated by the Australian Government, APRA will be responsible for administering the Scheme.

Detailed information on the Financial Claims Scheme can be accessed on the consumer website: www.fcs.gov.au.

Freedom of information (FOI) requests

Details on making an FOI request to APRA can be accessed at Freedom of Information.

Information for whistleblowers

A ‘whistleblower’ is a person who exposes or brings to public attention an irregularity or a crime, especially from within an organisation.

Further details can be accessed at: Information on being a 'whistleblower' and making a public interest disclosure.

Technical assistance with D2A

In the first instance, please refer to the Common D2A errors page. Additional information can be found:

If you experience a technical issue with the D2A application, please log a support request with the D2A Help Desk by emailing support [at] apra.gov.au.

For urgent resolution contact the D2A Help Desk on +61 2 9210 3400 between 9am and 5pm (EST) weekdays.

Complaints and feedback

APRA accepts feedback about the performance of our service and functions. Any complaint or compliment will be referred to the appropriate manager for action.

If you lodge a complaint about APRA, we will respond to your complaint within 15 working days. Dealing with complaints in a timely manner is part of APRA's commitment to best practice complaints-handling. Our complaints-handling standards incorporate key elements of the ISO 10002:2004 Australian Standard on Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling on organisations, and we aim to ensure that our complaints-handling standard is consistently accessible and responsive. Further information can be accessed at: APRA’s complaints-handling standards.

Compliments provide a clear view of what APRA's clients' value about APRA and the work it does. If you submit a compliment about APRA we will:

  • record the details of the compliment;
  • acknowledge the compliment; and
  • send a notice to the staff member/s involved and their supervisor to acknowledge a job well done.

To provide feedback on our performance you can telephone, info [at] apra.gov.au (email) or write to APRA.