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How long does the early release of super take? - text version

This is a text version of an infographic available on the APRA website. More information on the temporary early release of superannuation is available via the Australian Taxation Office's website.

How long does the early release of super take?

Step one

Submit your application to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) through the ATO online services via myGov.

Step two

The ATO will process your application, which can take up to four business days. If approved, the ATO will forward your application to your super fund for payment.

Step three

Your super fund will review your application. APRA has asked super funds to make payments to members within five business days, but it may take longer, for example, if fraud is suspected or the fund needs to confirm your details.

Step four

If you are a member of an APRA-regulated super fund, your fund will transfer the benefit to your nominated bank account. If you are with a state-administered fund, or a self-managed super fund, the payment time may vary.

Do you have questions about your personal application?

APRA has set out a five day guidance period for payments after receipt of applications from the ATO by funds, but also acknowledges that these timeframes may extend slightly where a Registered Superannuation Entity (RSE) licensee experiences a high volume of applications at any particular time. Delays can also occur in exceptional circumstances – such as where the RSE licensee’s automated checking has identified that additional fraud or other verification steps are required, or where the payment is being made from interests held in defined benefit funds.

If you do not believe you have received the funds you have applied for within a reasonable timeframe it is recommended that you contact your trustee directly to determine if there is a specific reason for the delay.