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Strategic Industry Reference Group minutes 15 July 2019

Attendee list

Chair Katrina Ellis


  • Katrina Ellis, GM, Data Transformation
  • Natalia Aziz, DCS & EDW Change Manager
  • Ayman Mohamed, Program Change Management
  • Louise Malady, DCS Readiness Team
  • Belinda Green Principal Analyst


  • Lisa Schutz, RegTech Association (Software Industry)
  • Deborah Baker, ASIC (Partner Agency)
  • Linda Fardell, ABS (Partner Agency)
  • Jon Lampacher, Suncorp (GI)
  • Bernie Rutten, Medibank (Private Health Insurance)
  • Brett Pickett, TAL (Life Insurance)


  • Paul Larsen, ASFA ASP (Superannuation)
  • Gerard Kelly, RBA (Partner Agency)
  • Michael McIntyre, NAB (ADI)
  • Christopher Woo, Westpac (ADI)
  • Sean Carmody, EGM, Risk & Data Analytics
  • Daniel Hunt, Business Leader, DCS
  • Hans van Daatselaar, ASFA ASP (Superannuation)
  • Angela Lalopoulos, RBA (Partner Agency)
  • Chris Malcolm, CUA (ADI)
  • Wayne Brandt, NAB (ADI)
  • Andy Robertson, Wespag (ADI)
  • Stewart Old, JPMorgan (ADI)
  • Anton Rast, HAMBS (PHI)
Date 15 July 2019
Location APRA office Sydney, and by videoconference, Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne. 


Decisions made


Action list (New or Carried Forward)

No. Action Who By when
150719.1 APRA to advise on direction for scaling factor based on SIRG input Daniel Hunt As soon as practicable

Closed Action Items

No. Action Who By when
140619.01 Circulate the list of requested submission forms for APRA to obtain sample submission files from entities Daniel Hunt 8/7/19

1  Meeting objectives and priorities

Katrina Ellis welcomed members of the group and confirmed the meetings objectives.

Adoption of minutes and matters arising

The minutes of the June 2019 SIRG meeting were agreed.

Action 140619.01 - APRA circulated the list of requested submission forms for APRA to obtain sample submission files from entities.

2. Conflicts of interest (Katrina Ellis)

None declared.

3. New Data Collection Solution - DCS Project Update

APRA provided an update on the DCS Project. The next key milestone is the implementation plan V2.0 scheduled for release at the end of July 2019.

Implementation Plan V2.0

APRA walked through a draft version of the Implementation Plan V2.0 and discussed key points with the SIRG. The SIRG provided input on areas of the plan that required additional elaboration. APRA will consider this feedback when finalising the plan for release.

APRA advised that the Implementation Plan V2.0 will be followed by subsequent releases of information. APRA is targeting to release further information from August onwards to provide detail on the following topics:

  • DNS to enable entities to configure their firewalls
  • Testing releases and the functionalities and returns that will be made available in the test environment
  • Readiness checklists
  • The support model at go-live

APRA is committed to providing APIs as a submission channel and are currently working through the technical specifications. APRA will update the SIRG with further information including the proposed availability date of APIs, once confirmed. The SIRG expressed their interest in receiving updates on API related information but are unlikely to consider APIs as a submission channel at go-live.

Current state validation

APRA has been engaging with entities to validate their current state processes to minimise the impact of the new solution at go live where feasible. The application of scale factor (i.e. reporting in thousands or millions) has been a key topic of these discussions. The SIRG advised that scale factor is often applied at various stages throughout the process when preparing data for submission via D2A. These discussions have provided valuable insight and APRA will consider this feedback. 

4. Looking into the Future of Data Collections

APRA advised the SIRG that parallel consultations with the industry will be taking place during late 2019 and early 2020 regarding new and revised regulatory data collections which will commence in 2020.

5. DCS Project Next Steps

The date for the next SIRG meeting is TBC.

APRA intends to release the Implementation Plan V2.0 in end-July 2019. APRA will provide key messages to the SIRG to enable the members to promote implementation readiness for the new Data Collection Solution with their entities and industries.