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Strategic Industry Reference Group Membership 2019

Background and purpose 

APRA has established the Strategic Industry Reference Group (SIRG) as an advisory group to support APRA’s Data Collection Solution (DCS) project that will deliver a replacement solution for the Direct to APRA (D2A) tool through which reporting entities meet their reporting obligations by submitting data to APRA. 

Membership appointment 

APRA has selected members for the SIRG based on personal merit, and recommendations made by industry bodies.  

Member representation 

Members are representative of stakeholders across APRA-regulated industries and be appointed in a personal capacity for the duration of the DCS project. 

Additional SIRG attendees 

The group may invite observers to attend meetings. 

Members will be able to nominate one delegate to attend meetings of the SIRG in their absence.

Industry representation

  • Andy Robertson - Program Director, Major Regulatory Projects (Westpac), Large ADIs 
  • Stewart Old - Senior Financial Officer, Aust & NZ (JP Morgan), Large ADIs 
  • Michael McIntyre - Associate Director, Group Regulatory Reporting (NAB), Large ADIs 
  • Chris Malcolm - Head of Enterprise Data & Analytics (CUA), Small ADIs 
  • Angela Lalopoulos - Manager, Data and Analytics (RBA), Government agency 
  • Deborah Baker - Senior Advisor Data Projects (ASIC), Government agency 
  • Linda Fardell - Program Manager, Finance and Wealth Branch (ABS), Government agency 
  • John Lampacher - Principal Architect Corporate Applications (Suncorp), General Insurance 
  • Bozenna Hinton - Head of Actuarial, Pricing and Analytics, (TAL), Life Insurance 
  • Anton Rast - Manager, Strategy and Business Analysis (HAMBS), Private Health Insurance 
  • Bernie Rutten - Senior Actuary (Medibank Private), Private Health Insurance 
  • Hans van Daatselaar - Executive Officer, ASP Services (ASFA ASP), Superannuation 
  • Lisa Schutz - Founder and CEO (Verifier), RegTech