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Risk Management

Prudential Standards (1)
Status: In Force
In effect from 1 July 2019
This Prudential Standard requires an APRA-regulated institution and a Head of a group to have systems for identifying, measuring, evaluating, monitoring, reporting, and controlling or mitigating material risks that may affect its ability, or the ability of the group it heads, to meet its obligations to depositors and/or policyholders. These systems, together with the structures, policies, processes and people supporting them, comprise an institution’s or group’s risk management framework.
Guidance (1)
Status: Current
April 2018
This PPG aims to assist APRA-regulated institutions in complying with Prudential Standard CPS 220 Risk Management (CPS 220) and, more generally, to outline prudent practices in relation to risk management.  |  File type: PDF  |  File size: 675.49 KB