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Quarterly superannuation statistics

Tuesday 28 February 2023

APRA publishes statistics on the superannuation industry on a quarterly basis. 

The industry performance statistics contains aggregate summaries of financial performance and position, asset allocation and key performance ratios. Statistics relating to corporate, industry, public sector and retail funds performance are also detailed. 

The MySuper statistics contains data relating to product profile, asset allocation targets and ranges, investment performance and net returns, as well as fees and costs. Statistics are presented at an individual product or lifecycle stage level. 

The Quarterly superannuation performance statistics media release is available at: APRA releases superannuation statistics for December 2022.

New Quarterly Superannuation Industry Publication


In October 2022 APRA released the first in a series of new publications that leverage new reporting standards implemented in Phase 1 of the Superannuation Data Transformation project to increase the transparency of the superannuation industry.

This new quarterly industry superannuation publication contains data on superannuation products and investment options, member demographics and investments. 

The new Quarterly Superannuation Industry Publication is available at: Quarterly Superannuation Industry Publication.

Quarterly superannuation performance statistics

The highlights provide an overall view of industry performance and insights into observed trends.

The performance statistics contains data relating to financial performance, financial position and asset allocation at an industry aggregate level. Statistics are also segmented by fund type. 

Quarterly MySuper statistics

The MySuper statistics contains data on a product by product basis relating to asset allocation, investment performance and returns, as well as fees and costs. 

The MySuper statistics backseries contains historical data presented on a quarterly basis. 

Next release

May 2023 (March 2023 edition)

Selected feature archive

This selected feature provides an overview of the transition from accrued default amounts to MySuper products offered by registered superannuation entity (RSE) licensees. 

This selected feature provides an overview of the MySuper products offered by registered superannuation entity (RSE) licensees, and the characteristics of those products.  

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