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Prudential framework minor updates

This image shows APRA's contact details: AUSTRALIAN PRUDENTIAL REGULATION AUTHORITY - 1 Martin Place (Level 12), Sydney, NSW 2000 - GPO Box 9836, Sydney, NSW 2001. Telephone: 02 9210 3000, Website: Australian coat of arms - APRA

To: All authorised deposit-taking institutions and insurers

APRA is releasing for consultation a set of minor updates to the prudential framework. This is intended to ensure the framework is updated in the intervening periods between comprehensive reviews of prudential standards.

Minor framework updates

Minor updates are proposed to the following standards and guidance as outlined in the table below (with more detail set out in Annex A). These changes are primarily technical clarifications in nature and do not present any material change in policy settings.

Prudential standard or prudential practice guide

Industries covered

APS 111 Capital Adequacy: Measurement of CapitalAuthorised deposit-taking institutions
APS 220 Credit Risk ManagementAuthorised deposit-taking institutions
APG 210 LiquidityAuthorised deposit-taking institutions
APS 330 Public Disclosure (January 2025)Authorised deposit-taking institutions
GPS 310 Audit and Related MattersGeneral insurance
HPS 112 Capital Adequacy: Measurement of CapitalPrivate health insurance
LPS 112 Capital Adequacy: Measurement of CapitalLife insurance
LPS 117 Capital Adequacy: Asset Concentration Risk ChargeLife insurance

Request for submissions

APRA welcomes feedback on the proposed changes to prudential standards and guidance.

Written submissions should be sent to by 3 May 2024. All information in submissions will be made available to the public on the APRA website unless a respondent expressly asks that all or part of the submission be kept confidential. APRA expects to release the finalised revisions mid-year. 

Yours sincerely

Clare Gibney
Executive Director
Policy & Advice Division

Proposed revisions