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Private health insurance standards and guidance

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The following provides prudential and reporting standards, practice guides and other guidance.

Other requirements

Prudential Standards

HPS 001 Definitions (effective until 30 June 2019)
HPS 001 Definitions (effective from 1 July 2019)
HPS 350 Disclosure to APRA (effective until 14 September 2018)

Financial statements

Reporting Standards


HRS 601.1 Statistical Data by State (applies to HRF_601_1_1 to HRF_601_1_8 - one form per state)

HRS 602.0 Financial and Capital Data (applies to the forms HRF_602_1 to HRF_602_9)

HRS 603.0 Statistical Data on Prosthetic Benefits (applies to HRF_603_0_1 to HRF_603_0_8 - one form per state)

HRS 604. 0 Medical Speciality Block Grouping Information (applies to HRF_604_0_1 to HRF_604_0_8 - one form per state

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