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APRA to include credit unions and building societies in expanded banking statistics publication

Friday 5 July 2019

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is preparing to expand its monthly banking statistics publication to include data about credit unions and building societies.

The change follows the implementation of the new Economic and Financial Statistics (EFS) data collection from 1 April this year, which was designed to enhance data on key business metrics for authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) and larger non-ADI lenders[1]. 
As a result, a new Monthly ADI Statistics (MADIS) publication will replace APRA’s Monthly Banking Statistics (MBS) publication. The first edition of MADIS, containing data for March to July 2019, will be published on 30 August.
In addition to data on domestic and foreign banks, MADIS will contain data on building societies, most credit unions and other ADIs[2]. Data published in MADIS will be substantially similar to MBS data, but will benefit from improved definitions and consistency under the EFS collection.
In preparation for the inaugural MADIS publication, APRA has released a template for the new publication, as well as explanatory notes and a glossary.
APRA’s Executive General Manager for Risk and Data Analytics, Sean Carmody, said: “The creation of MADIS is another important step our efforts to enhance accessibility and usefulness of APRA’s data publications.
“The inclusion of credit unions and building societies in the published data set will deliver a new level of transparency across the entirety of the ADI sector. Not only will the new MADIS publication cover a broader range of entities, users will also benefit from higher quality data flowing from the EFS data collection,” Mr Carmody said.
The implementation of the EFS data collection will also result in changes to APRA’s quarterly ADI data publications. APRA will provide more information about these changes in the near future.
The new template, explanatory notes and glossary are available in the APRA website here


[1] The new publication does not include data for non-ADI lenders. APRA is considering publishing this data separately at a later date.
[2] Other ADIs consist of ADIs that are not banks, building societies or credit unions. This includes providers of purchased payment facilities and special service providers.

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