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Monthly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Statistics

Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Monthly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Statistics (MADIS) publication provides selected information on the banking business of individual banks within the domestic market.

APRA is no longer providing commentary on the overall industry performance and insights into observed trends (Highlights PDF) for the MADIS publication. APRA welcomes any feedback from users on the format and approach to the monthly publication, including whether some form of additional commentary would be helpful. Please direct your feedback to

Next release

28 February 2023 (January 2023 edition).

Historical data

Balance sheet data prior to July 2019 were published in the Monthly Banking Statistics

Balance sheet data prior to March 2002 were published in the Australian Banking Statistics.

Please note that due to changes in bank reporting requirements that came into effect in March 2002, a series break is evident between the two publications. Different items are contained within each publication and the definitions of these items have also changed. In particular:

  • the Monthly Banking Statistics contains only resident data while the Australian Banking Statistics contained both resident and non-resident data.
  • the Monthly Banking Statistics includes the Australian dollar equivalent of foreign currency transaction in the data, while the Australian Banking Statistics excluded foreign currency data.
  • the Monthly Banking Statistics discloses intra-group deposits and loans as separate items, while the Australian Banking Statistics included intra-group deposit and loan data in totals.

Data prior to January 1990 were published in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. Enquiries should be addressed to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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