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Hear from past APRA graduates

Hear from some of our past graduates who continued their careers with APRA after finishing the Program. Information on graduate careers at APRA is available here.


Veronica's experience

Veronica Wong 

Senior Analyst, Insurance Division

"I really like the culture at APRA, because they really want to invest in you as an individual, not just as an employee"




Hugo's experience

Hugo Cheng

Senior Analyst, Banking Division

"APRA is very dynamic and provides us with opportunities to update our understanding of the current state of the industry and prepare for potential challenges"




Kara's experience

Kara Hooper

Senior Analyst, Policy and Advice Division

"It's very motivating coming to work each day knowing that my work will go towards protecting those assets of everyday Australians. "




Reece's Experience

Reece Vieraitis 

Senior Analyst, Banking Division

"A typical day at APRA for me doesn't really exist, and I suppose that's one of the things I like about working at APRA."




Melisande's experience

Melisande Waterford

General Manager, Regulatory Affairs

"I've been fortunate enough to be on a number of international working groups, I've attended meetings in many countries, worked with prudential regulators and others from around the world"