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Prudential Standards (1)
In Force
In effect from 1 July 2019
This Prudential Standard sets out minimum requirements for APRA-regulated institutions in determining the fitness and propriety of individuals to hold positions of responsibility. Its objective is to ensure that an institution prudently manages the risks that persons acting in responsible person positions who are not fit and proper pose to the institution’s business and financial standing.
Guidance (0)
Reporting Forms (1)
In Force
May 2013
In order to assist entities in complying with the requirement to ensure that information provided to APRA remains correct for all responsible persons, the form can be submitted at any time, however it will be provided on an annual basis to all entities submitting annual returns via D2A. Entities can use the annual form to correct and update the information they have provided to APRA throughout the year.  |  File type: PDF  |  File size: 130.35 KB