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Financial Claims Scheme

Prudential Standards (1)
Status: In force
In effect from 1 October 2023
This Prudential Standard sets out the minimum requirements that a locally incorporated authorised deposit-taking institution (ADI) must meet to ensure that it is adequately prepared, should it become a declared ADI for Financial Claims Scheme (FCS) purposes. The Board and senior management of an ADI are ultimately responsible for ensuring that appropriate policies and procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of the operations, internal controls and information required under this Prudential Standard.
Reporting Standards (1)
Status: In force
In effect from 19 July 2018
This Reporting Standard sets out the requirements for the provision of information to APRA in relation to an authorised deposit-taking institution’s Financial Claims Scheme data and systems. It includes Reporting Form ARF 910.0 Financial Claims Scheme Data Collection and the associated instructions.
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