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Discontinued statistical publications

The statistical publications listed below have been discontinued and are available for reference purposes. Exercise caution when using data from superseded publications as they have not been revised since their release date. Data in superseded publications may be been subject to revisions in more recent publications.

General Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables (June 2005 to June 2013)

The General Insurance Supplementary Statistical Tables publication (June 2005 – June 2013) contained state and territory-level premium and claims expenses for direct insurers, and information about public insurers' financial performance, position, and premium and claims by class of business. State and territory-level data has been superseded by the Quarterly General Insurance Performance Statistics publication.

The following June 2013 publications were issued 27 November 2013:

Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin (June 2005 to June 2010)

The Half Yearly General Insurance Bulletin included detailed information at both an individual insurer and aggregate industry level, including: aggregated industry tables, key entity specific information, public insurer data, and Lloyd's Australia data. The bulletin uses full year data from each entity.

This bulletin has been superseded by General Insurance Institution-level Statistics



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