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D2A and Extranet have replaced AUSkey with myGovID and RAM

  • AUSkey was retired on Friday 27 March 2020
  • D2A administrators must set up their own myGovID and create a machine credential, following ATO published materials
  • All Extranet users must also set up their own myGovID and ensure they are authorised in RAM. The Extranet login link for myGovID will be available in March 2020.


Before completing the D2A update, administrators will need to complete three steps to set up and administer their own myGovID and create a machine credential. Links are provided to ATO published materials.

1. Obtain a digital identity

3. Create a machine credential

D2A administrators (Principal Authority and Machine Credential Administrator) must set up their digital identity and obtain a myGovID.

Entities need to ensure that their business ABN is linked and administrators are authorised in RAM.

For D2A, a Machine Credential Administrator will need to create a machine credential (this is not required for Extranet).

myGovID Relationship Authorisation Manager

Machine credential for business software user

Guide: how to install a machine credential

Published 17 April 2020

What will entities need to do for APRA Extranet?

Before using the new myGovID Extranet login, users will need to complete the prerequisites above to obtain a digital identity and ensure their business ABN is linked and users are authorised to access APRA Services on their entity’s behalf, which is now available in RAM.

Logging in using myGovID: From now until 27 March, Extranet users will be able to choose to log in using either Extranet Login - myGovID or Extranet Login - AUSkey. After 27 March 2020, users will be required to use myGovID to log in. 

Confirm your access is working: Users should check that once they login using the new myGovID Extranet login, they can still access the same services that they previously had access to on the Extranet. 

Note: Once an instance of D2A has been accessed using the new authorisation credentials (myGovID), you will no longer be able to authenticate using AUSkey. Where the same computer is used to access APRA Extranet, you will also need to start using the Extranet Login - myGovID.  

Is APRA replacing D2A?

Yes, APRA is implementing a replacement system for D2A later in 2021.

APRA will also release an upgraded version of D2A in December 2020, to enhance performance and security.

Where can I get more support?

If you require technical support for myGovID, RAM and machine credentials, you should contact the Australian Taxation Office.

If you have a question about APRA system updates or are experiencing technical issues with the D2A application, please log a support request with the D2A Help Desk on 02 9210 3400 between 9am and 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday, or email

If you have a question about the transition or new Data Collection solution, please email  You can also register for Data Collection Solution email updates straight to your inbox.

Technical issues?

  1. Please refer to the Common D2A errors page.
  2. Additional information can be found in the: 
    A support guide for Direct to APRA (D2A). Updated March 2021
  3. Log a support request with the D2A Help Desk at
  4. For urgent issues call +61 2 9210 3400 between 9am and 5pm AEST weekdays.

Need help with myGovID?

Refer to the ATO myGovID website.

Need help with data validation rules?

The D2A Help Desk cannot assist with validation errors or warnings in D2A returns. For information on validation rules and guidelines, refer to your industry's Reporting requirements page.

For further enquiries about validation rules, please contact: