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Conflicts of Interest

Prudential Standards (1)
In Force
In effect from 1 July 2013
This Prudential Standard establishes requirements for the identification, avoidance and management of conflicts of duty and interest by an RSE licensee. These requirements are essential to ensure that an RSE licensee and its responsible persons meet legislative obligations in Part 6 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.
Guidance (1)
July 2013
Prudential Standard SPS 521 Conflicts of Interest (SPS 521) sets out APRA’s requirements in relation to an RSE licensee’s management of conflicts of interest and duty. This PPG aims to assist an RSE licensee in complying with those requirements and, more generally, to outline prudent practices in relation to conflicts of interest.   |  File type: PDF  |  File size: 239.03 KB