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Choice Heatmap papers

Tuesday 29 March 2022

The Choice Heatmap provides credible, clear and comparable insights into choice investment options across three areas: investment performance, fees and costs, and sustainability of member outcomes. The first Choice Heatmap utilises data provided by SuperRatings. Future Choice Heatmaps will leverage the Super Data Transformation project and utilise the new data collection. APRA updates the data in the Choice Heatmap on an annual basis.

March 2022

The Technical Paper below illustrates APRA's detailed insights on the sustainability of member outcome metrics in the 2021 MySuper and Choice Heatmaps, in particular the challenges faced by small and medium-sized funds and the benefits of mergers and simplification programs.

December 2021  

The Technical Paper below illustrates detailed insights on the investment returns and fees and costs metrics in the 2021 Choice Heatmap, in particular identifying improvements to outcomes delivered to members.

The Methodology Paper below contains detailed explanations on the metrics used in the Choice heatmap and the methodology used to take into account important differences in products’ investment strategy and asset allocation.

APRA’s key findings from the MySuper Heatmap and the Choice Heatmap can be found in the Insights paper below.

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