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Capital Adequacy

Prudential Standards (1)
Status: In Force
1 January 2016
This Prudential Standard requires an authorised deposit-taking institution to maintain adequate capital, on both a Level 1 and Level 2 basis, to act as a buffer against the risk associated with its activities.
Guidance (1)
Status: Current
1 August 2016
APG 110 provides guidance on the capital buffer that an authorised deposit-taking institution must hold above its prudential capital requirement in accordance with APS 110 Capital Adequacy.  |  File type: PDF  |  File size: 700.35 KB
Reporting Standards (1)
Status: In Force
1 January 2020
This Reporting Standard sets out requirements to provide information to APRA about an authorised deposit-taking institution’s capital adequacy. It includes Reporting Form ARF 110.0 Capital Adequacy and associated instructions, and should be read in conjunction with APS 110 Capital Adequacy and APS 111 Capital Adequacy: Measurement of Capital.