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Prudential Standards (1)
In Force
In effect from 1 May 2018
This Prudential Standard establishes requirements for the provision, to the Board and senior management of an RSE licensee, of independent advice in relation to the operations, financial position and risk controls of the business operations of the RSE licensee. This advice is designed to assist the Board and senior management in carrying out their responsibilities for the sound and prudent management of the business operations of the RSE licensee. This Prudential Standard outlines the roles and responsibilities of the RSE auditor of an RSE licensee. It also outlines the obligations of an RSE licensee to make arrangements to enable an RSE auditor to fulfil his or her responsibilities.
Guidance (1)
May 2018
Prudential Standard SPS 310 Audit and Related Matters (SPS 310) sets out APRA’s requirements in relation to the audit of an RSE licensee’s business operations. This PPG aims to assist an RSE licensee in complying with those requirements and, more generally, to outline prudent practices in relation to audit arrangements.   |  File type: PDF  |  File size: 217.93 KB