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APRA's vision for inclusion

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I contribute to an inclusive workplace where everyone belongs, is valued and respected. Together we deliver great outcomes for the Australian community. We are stronger together.

... will be led by our leaders...

...building inclusion in key focus areas...

...and delivering sustainable outcomes

Our promise

  • Live APRA values and behaviours
  • Listen to our people
  • Create a safe environment
  • Drive inclusion in all that we do
  • Commit to targets and measures of success.

Our expectations

  • Seek out and respect different points of view
  • Contribute to our inclusive environment

Enhanced areas of focus

  • Accessibility
  • Age diversity
  • Diversifying our talen
  • Data demographics

Build on our current momentum

  • Champion diversity of thought and a culture of speaking up
  • Maintain momentum on CALD, ATSI, LGBTIQ and gender inclusion
  • Invest in resources to support initiatives
  • APRA is an inclusive workplace that is safe, ethical and respectful of all
  • We work together to deliver higher quality decisions through leveraging our diversity
  • APRA is regarded externally as a leading inclusive workplace
  • APRA is recognised as an employer of choice
  • We will have achieved 40/40/20 at all levels
  • Diversity that reflects the wider community
  • Overall inclusion as measured by our survey 90%+ with no difference between any group