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Annual superannuation bulletin

Monday 31 January 2022

The annual superannuation bulletin provides an overview of the superannuation industry, and is published on an annual basis. These statistics contains information on funds and membership profile, key financial performance metrics, financial position, fees and expenses. 

Changes to presentation for 2020

To promote ease of data use and in response to user feedback, APRA has implemented a streamlined presentation of the ASB. The ASB is now split into three files, each containing industry aggregates:

  • Superannuation entities
  • MySuper products
  • Licensees

The contents of the files are the same as the existing ASB, with some additional timeseries data included. The files contain data from 2015, with historical data remaining available on the APRA website, below.

Published 31 January 2022

The highlights provides an overall view of industry performance and insights into observed trends.

Published 31 January 2022

The superannuation entities file contains data on superannuation entities at an industry aggregate level. It includes data relating to fund profile, performance membership and insurance, as well as defined benefit sub-funds.

Published 31 January 2022

The MySuper file contains detailed profile and performance data at an industry aggregate level relating to MySuper products. 

Published 31 January 2022

The licensees file contains data relating to registerable superannuation entity (RSE) licensees. It contains profile, total assets under management and directorships at an industry aggregate level.

Supporting documents

Last updated August 2018

Next release 

January 2023 (June 2022 edition) 

Historical data

Issued 31 January 2020

The June 2019 edition of the annual superannuation bulletin is provided for reference. This edition of the statistics was presented in a different format to subsequent releases of this publication, and the data may have been subject to revisions.

Issued 19 February 2015

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