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Forms for retirement savings account providers

In response to industry and Office of Best Practice Regulation’s preference for streamlined reporting, the Annual Return for a retirement savings account (RSA) provider has been condensed from three parts to one part comprising an: 

This form subsumes the Annual Return requirements of section 44 of the Retirement Savings Account Act 1997 (RSA Act).

  • Part 1 instructions have been updated;
  • Part 2 Annual Return section has been removed;
  • Part 3 of the Form has had the RSA Certification requirement removed, however The compliance section has been modestly expanded and updated to reflect the current compliance obligations of RSA Providers and to reflect current audit practice;
  • The name of the form has been changed from Annual Return for RSA Providers to Approved Form of Auditor’s Report on Compliance for an RSA Provider. This is consistent with other similar industry reports such as Superannuation & First Home Saver Accounts;

The Auditor’s Report is an Approved Form under the RSA Act.


The Auditor’s Report is effective for reporting periods commencing on or after 1 July 2009, that is, for the 2009-2010 and subsequent years of income.

You can see a list of RSA providers on our website. You can apply to be an RSA Insitution by completing the form below: