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MySuper Product Heatmap

The MySuper Product Heatmap provides assessments of the performance of every MySuper superannuation product.

The heatmap provides stakeholders with transparency on the outcomes being delivered by all trustees providing MySuper products. It is designed to lift industry practices and enhance member outcomes by publicly identifying which MySuper products are underperforming and the areas they need to improve.

It uses a graduating colour scheme to provide credible, clear and comparable insights into MySuper products across three areas: investment performance, fees and costs, and sustainability of member outcomes.

To interpret the heatmap, stakeholders should also read the:

  • Information Paper – it contains detailed explanations of how it selected the metrics and benchmarks used in the heatmap, and the methodology used to take into account important differences in products’ investment strategy and asset allocation.
  • Data Insights paper – it outlines some of the key insights gleaned from the data.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – it includes both general information and answers to a number of technical questions.

Key documents:

As at 10 December 2019
Contains a CSV file. The user guide and other explainer text are available in the xlsx version of the heatmap.

Published 10 December 2019

As at 15 November 2019

Media release - 10 December 2019: APRA publishes MySuper Heatmap

Pre-release documents and announcements

For illustration purposes only

As at 15 November 2019

Media release 15 November - APRA unveils MySuper Heatmap