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Software Vendor Working Group minutes 29 May 2019

Chair: Daniel Hunt

Date: 29 May 2019

Location: Held by Webinar from APRA Office in Sydney. 


Agenda item Time Presenter
1. Welcome objectives 5 mins Daniel Hunt

2. New Data Collection Solution

  • Project overview and update
  • Overview of the Implementation Plan and feedback
25 mins      Daniel Hunt

3. Vendor update

  • Introduction to Vizor
25 mins Joanne Horgan

4. Engagement approach

  • Understanding software vendor needs to support the implementation of the New Data Collection Solution
10 mins Natalia Aziz

5. Closing remarks

  • Forward plan for ongoing sessions
5 mins Daniel Hunt

Action list (New or carried forward) 

No actions

1. Welcome and objectives (Daniel Hunt) 

APRA welcomed members of the group. 

2. New Data Collection Solution (Daniel Hunt) 

Project overview and update

APRA provided an overview of the DCS Project to date, highlighting the release of the first Implementation Plan in early April as the most recent major project activity. In this document, APRA confirmed March 2020 as the target go-live month, with the exact date still to be confirmed, and also announced Vizor Software as the selected vendor for the solution.  

Feedback on the Implementation Plan and feedback (released April 2019)
The SVWG gave feedback regarding the Implementation Plan that was released in April 2019.  The participants confirmed that they understood that the implementation of the DCS will bring minimal changes to the data set required on Day 1 (however there may be slight changes to headers/layout of submission forms); and more information on this will be included in the next iteration of the Implementation Plan.

The participants expressed a desire for more detailed information regarding technical specifications, as this information will be key in determining budget and allocating resources, particularly in regards to building a submission API for the new DCS.  Participants expressed that if they were to continue with file upload submission methods, the transition to the new DCS by March 2020 will be feasible, however it may be challenging to have an API solution built and tested by clients by this time.  It was then articulated that whilst API functionality will be made available on Day 1 via the new DCS, it is not a compulsory submission channel for go-live. 

3. Vendor update (Joanne Horgan) 

Introduction to Vizor

Joanne Horgan gave an introduction to Vizor Software, and their experience in the delivery of regulatory reporting systems globally.  Vizor also discussed global trends in regulatory reporting that they have seen, including the shift for regulators to collect more granular data via commercial off-the-shelf solutions.  Vizor also discussed the capability for the new solution to support API technology.

4. Engagement approach (Natalia Aziz)

Understanding software vendor needs to support the implementation of the new DCS 

The participants called out the test environment as an important mechanism to support their transition to the new DCS.  The group gave valuable insight into how the testing approach may differ slightly for software vendors compared to reporting entities. 

Participants expressed that a multi-channel approach to engagement would be preferable to receive communications regarding the DCS Project.  Some participants also requested the opportunity to meet with APRA face to face in smaller groups, to facilitate a deep dive conversation regarding their specific needs. 
APRA acknowledged that the vendor group play an important role in supporting entities in the adoption of the new Data Collection Solution, as well as enabling a smooth transition in the lead up to go-live. 

5. Closing remarks (Daniel Hunt) 

Forward plan for ongoing sessions

APRA thanked the attendees for their active participation and will advise the next engagement session shortly.