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Inclusion and diversity strategy

We believe diversity includes everybody. Our Vision is to embrace differences and work together, to achieve great outcomes for APRA and the Australian community. ​

To successfully fulfil our mission, APRA needs every employee to be able to reach their true potential.

That's why encouraging inclusion and embracing diversity are integral to all aspects of our work. We aspire to fully harness the skills, experiences, ingenuity and wisdom of our employees, whatever their background or personal circumstances. We believe our focus on inclusion and diversity will deliver benefits for individual employees, teams and our entire organisation. Our inclusive vision: We embrace differences and work together to achieve great outcomes for APRA and the Australian community.

Harnessing diversity of thought at APRA

APRA actively seeks to attract, develop and retain employees and leaders from across the full spectrum of Australian society. We believe diversity encompasses more than our visible differences, such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical abilities, or unseen differences such as religion or sexual orientation. We aspire to diversity of thought, recognising that a broad range of perspectives, approaches and ideas makes us stronger, improve our judgements, and better enable to meet our obligation to protect the financial well-being of the Australian community.

Giving all employees a sense of belonging

We want everyone at APRA to feel safe, respected and valued, and trust they can confidently speak up and be heard. We encourage our employees to express themselves, challenge conventional wisdom and seek assistance or guidance when they need it. And we provide our leaders with the skills and awareness to foster an inclusive workplace culture.

APRA's Inclusion and Diversity Council (IDC) monitors our progress meeting key benchmarks, and champions the need for further strides where necessary. Under the IDC, APRA has an active program of events and opportunities to increase awareness and understanding across various Inclusion and Diversity streams including:

  • Gender
  • Generational (Gen X Plus and Gen Y & Z)
  • Multicultural
  • Accessibility
  • Indigenous - APRA's Reconciliation Action Plan is available here.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

Our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy sets out the strategic areas of focus and key commitments for the organisation.

Our areas of focus are:

  • Sharpen APRA's Inclusion and Diversity focus - We will define and prioritise inclusion and diversity at APRA, and enhance transparency and accountability.
  • Attract, grow and engage diverse talent - We will disrupt the status quo, and actively attract, grow and engage diverse talent.
  • Inclusive leadership - We will develop and advance committed and capable leaders who are inclusive of diverse talent.
  • Living the APRA values - We will focus on ensuring individual behaviours are aligned to our organisational values.

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