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Divisions of APRA

APRA is organised into the following six divisions and one independent internal team:

  • Specialised Institutions Division
  • Diversified Institutions Division
  • Policy and Advice Division
  • Risk and Data Analytics Division
  • Corporate Services Division
  • Strategy and Chief Risk Officer Division
  • Internal audit team.

APRA's frontline divisions are the Specialised Institutions and Diversified Institutions divisions (SID and DID). Frontline supervisors focus on financial and risk analysis as the primary part of their supervision function. This involves offsite analysis of data and information, regular contact with the supervised institutions as well as a continual program of onsite reviews.

The Specialised Institutions Division is responsible for the supervision of licensed entities including regional banks, credit unions, building societies, friendly societies, insurers and superannuation funds.

The Diversified Institutions Division is responsible for the prudential supervision of functionally diversified financial institutions. These include large financial conglomerates, banks, insurance companies and superannuation firms.

The Policy and Advice Division ensures that APRA's frontline supervisors have the best possible tools to support them in their risk analysis and supervisory interventions. This division consists of Legal Services, Policy Development, Advice and Approvals, Resolution and Enforcement, and Licensing.

The Risk and Data Analytics Division brings together specialists in statistics, industry analysis and risk to provide expertise in risk assessment, assisting frontline to supervise individual entities and industries as a whole. This division consists of Credit and Market Risk, Governance, Insurance and Operational Risk, and Data Analytics functions.

Corporate Services Division provides corporate shared services functions that assist other divisions in achieving APRA's strategic objectives. The division is made up of our People and Culture, Information Technology, Corporate Affairs, Information Security and Governance, FInance and Facilities groups.

The Strategy and Chief Risk Officer Division promotes APRA's effectiveness through a range of functions including risk management, strategy and performance, quality assurance, business continuity and fraud control.

The Internal Audit team advises on managing risk across all of APRA, with an independent reporting line to the Audit Committee and direct access to the APRA Members and Executive Board.