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APRA organisation chart

APRA organisation structure

The APRA Executive Group consists of

  • Wayne Byres, Chairman
  • Helen Rowell, Deputy Chair
  • John Lonsdale, Deputy Chair
  • Geoff Summerhayes, Member

The Risk Management Committee, the Audit Committee and the Chief Internal Auditor – report directly to the Executive Group.

Six Executive General Managers report to the Executive Group. The Executive Managers and the management teams that report to them are:

Executive General Manager, Strategy and Chief Risk Officer, Therese McCarthy Hockey

  • General Manager Supervisory Applications and Solutions, Greg Plummer
  • General Manager Strategic Programs, Robyn McMahon
  • Head of Strategy Governance and Accountability, Maryanne Hinwood
  • Head of Performance, Risk and Compliance, Liz Parsons
  • Head of Quality Assurance, Ambika Siva

Executive General Manager Diversified Institutions, Brandon Khoo

  • Acting General Manager Branch 1, Brendan Scarra
  • General Manager Branch 2, Gideon Holland
  • General Manager Branch 3, Adrian Rees
  • General Manager Branch 4, Nigel Boik

Executive General Manager, Specialised Institutions, Mark Adams
• General Manager Insurance, Louis Serret
• General Manager Banking, Clare Gibney
• General Manager Superannuation, Suzanne Smith

Executive General Manager Risk and Data Analytics, Sean Carmody

  • General Manager Credit and Market Risk, Paul Tattersall
  • General Manager Governance Operational and Insurance Risk, Stuart Bingham
  • General Manager Data Analytics, Alison Bliss
  • General Manager Data Transformation, Katrina Ellis

Executive General Manager Policy and Advice, Pat Brennan

  • General Manager Policy Development, Heidi Richards
  • Acting General Manager Advice and Approvals, Raman Sandhu
  • General Counsel, Warren Scott
  • General Manager Resolution and Enforcement, Chris Gower
  • Acting General Manager Licensing, Rob Johnson

Executive General Manager Corporate Services, Steve Matthews

  • Chief Information Officer, Doug Jenkins
  • General Manager Corporate Affairs, Paula Hannaford
  • General Manager People and Culture, Yvette Gray
  • Head of Finance, Mike Goddard
  • Head of Security and Information Governances, Mikhail Lopushanski