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APRA Connect test environment

Last updated: 15 June 2021

The APRA Connect test environment will help entities, Service Providers and RegTechs to:

  • familiarise themselves with the features and functionalities of APRA Connect
  • trial data submission to identify any changes required to data preparation
  • engage with APRA on new collection design.

The APRA Connect test environment will be a permanent feature. Returns will be available in the test environment before entities are required to submit them in APRA Connect. The test environment will also be used to support the design of new collections and APRA’s consultations with industry.

The test environment can be accessed at

All users need to use myGovID to establish their digital identity and be authorised by their organisation in RAM to access APRA services on its behalf.

Test environment security and performance

Information collected through the test environment will be encrypted in transit and at rest as defined by the Australian Government Information Security Manual. This applies to all interactions with APRA Connect, including user authentication and access, transmission of entity returns and storage of submitted data. The data uploaded in the test environment will be secure and will not be accessible by other entities using the test environment.

See APRA Connect information security.