PET - Plain English Taxonomy

SRF_330_0: Statement of Financial Performance
Effective date: 1 July 2017
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor
Quarterly, Annual Thousands
Reporting Consolidation
Solo Books
Members' benefits flows
1. Members' benefits flows in
1.1. Employer contributions  
1.1.1. of which: Super guarantee contributions
1.1.2. of which: Salary sacrifice contributions
1.2. Member contributions
1.2.1. of which: KiwiSaver scheme contributions
1.2.2. Personal contributions
1.2.3. Government co-contributions
1.2.4. Low income super tax offsets
1.2.5. Other member contributions Details of other member contributions
Description Value
(1) (2)
1.3. Defined benefit contributions
1.3.1. of which: Employer defined benefit contributions [ABS]  
1.3.2. of which: Member defined benefit contributions [ABS]
1.4. Gross contributions
1.5. Contributions tax
1.6. Contributions surcharge
1.7. Net after tax contributions
1.8. Rollovers
1.8.1. of which: SMSF rollovers
1.9. Successor fund transfers
1.10. Units issued (PST only)
1.11. Other members' benefits flows in
1.11.1. Details of other members' benefits flows in
Description Value
(1) (2)
1.12. Total members' benefits flows in
2. Members' benefits flows out
2.1. Benefit payments
2.1.1. Lump sum benefit payments
2.1.2. Pension benefit payments
2.1.3. of which: PAYG withholding tax
2.1.4. of which: KiwiSaver scheme benefit payments
2.2. Rollovers
2.2.1. of which: SMSF rollovers
2.3. Successor fund transfers
2.4. Repatriation to employer sponsor
2.5. Payments to unit holders (PST only)
2.6. Other members' benefits flows out
2.6.1. Details of other members' benefits flows out
Description Value
(1) (2)
2.7. Total members' benefits flows out
3. Net members' benefits flows
Superannuation activities
4. Investment income
4.1. Interest revenue
4.2. Dividend revenue
4.3. Rental income
4.4. Trust distributions
4.5. Total investment income
4.6. Impairment expense
4.7. Investment income after impairment expense
5. Gains/losses on investments
5.1. Unrealised gains/losses
5.2. Realised gains/losses
5.3. Total gains/losses
5.3.1. of which: Physical foreign exchange gains/losses
5.3.2. of which: Derivative foreign exchange gains/losses
6. Other investment income
6.1. Details of other investment income
Description Value
(1) (2)
7. Investment income and gains/losses
8. Operating income
8.1. of which: Fee and commission income [ABS]
9. Investment expenses
9.1. Associated with Investment management base fee
9.2. Associated with Investment management performance based fee
9.3. Custodian
9.4. Investment consultant
9.5. Associated with service provider
9.6. Other investment expenses
9.6.1. of which: Property maintenance expenses [ABS]
9.6.2. of which: Interest expenses [ABS]
9.6.3. Details of other investment expenses  
Description Value
(1) (2)
9.7. Total investment expenses
10. Administration and operating expenses
10.1. Administration expenses
10.1.1. of which: Associated with member initiated activity
10.2. Advertising/marketing
10.3. Commissions
10.4. Director/individual trustee expenses
10.5. Associated with service provider
10.6. Other operating expenses
10.6.1. of which: Other management fees (excluding investment management) [ABS]
10.6.2. of which: Staff salary costs (RSE employees only) [ABS]
10.6.3. Details of other operating expenses
Description Value
(1) (2)
10.7. Total   administration and operating expenses
11. Advice expenses
11.1. of which: Associated with intrafund advice
12. Net flows from superannuation activities
Insurance activities
13. Insurance related inflows
13.1. Associated with acquired insurance
13.2. Associated with self-insurance
14. Insurance related outflows
14.1. Associated with acquired insurance
14.1.1. of which: Associated with insurance administration
14.2. Associated with self-insurance
14.2.1. of which: Associated with insurance administration
15. Net flows from insurance activities
16. Profit/loss before income tax
17. Income tax expense/benefit
18. Profit/loss after income tax
19. Transfers into reserves affecting net assets available to pay members' benefits
20. Transfers out of reserves affecting net assets available to pay members' benefits
21. Change in net assets available to pay members' benefits