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SRF_114_1: Operational Risk Financial Requirement
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor   Reporting Consolidation
Annual Thousands Solo Books
ORFR basis
  ORFR holding
1. How is the ORFR held (RSE)?
  ORFR trustee capital  
  ORFR reserve  
  ORFR trustee capital and ORFR reserve  
Details of ORFR attributed to the RSE
    of which: Attributed to MySuper products of which: Attributed to defined benefit sub-funds
Attributed to the RSE
(1) (2) (3)
2. ORFR target amount
3. ORFR reserves
4. ORFR trustee capital
Movements in ORFR reserve
5. Transfers into ORFR reserve
5.1. Transfers from other reserves to address an operational risk event  
5.2. Other transfers from other reserves
5.3. Deductions from members benefits
5.4. Compensation payments from trustee insurance policies
5.5. Compensation payments from service providers
5.6. Earnings on reserve
5.7. Other transfers into ORFR reserve  
5.7.1. Details of other transfers into ORFR reserve
Description Value
(1) (2)
5.8. Total
6. Transfers out of ORFR reserve
6.1. Transfers to other reserves
6.2. Payments to address an operational risk event  
6.3. Loss on reserve
6.4. Other transfers out of ORFR reserve
6.4.1. Details of other transfers out of ORFR reserve
Description Value
(1) (2)
6.5. Total
7. ORFR reserve surplus distributed
7.1. Distributed to member accounts           
7.2. Distributed to employer sponsor           
7.3. Distributed to other recipient
7.3.1. Details of other recipient  
Description Value
(1) (2)
7.4. Total