PET - Plain English Taxonomy

LRF_340_2: Retained Profits (SF Total, GF, GF Elim, Entity)
Australian Business Number Institution Name
  Life Insurers and Friendly Societies
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly / Annual Thousands
Reporting Consolidation
Licensed insurer
Total statutory funds General fund General fund elimination Total entity
Policy owner interests Shareholder interests Total
1. Life Insurance Act retained profits at end of prior financial year
2. Profit/(loss) after tax for period          
2.1. Profit/(loss) after income tax attributable to shareholders  
2.2. Interim & terminal bonuses on claims paid    
2.3. Declared bonuses on in force policies    
2.4. Increase/(decrease) in policy owner retained profits    
2.5. Increase/(Decrease) in Unallocated Benefit Fund reserves      
2.6. Life Insurance Act operating profit after tax for period
3. Transfers in period            
3.1. From other statutory funds
3.2. To other statutory funds
3.3. From general funds
3.4. To general funds - from participating business
3.5. To general funds - from non-participating business
3.6. To/from foreign currency translations
3.7. To/from reserves
3.8. Dividends  
3.9. Other transfers      
3.10. Total transfers in period
4. Provisions for bonuses to participating policy owners    
5. Life Insurance Act retained profits at end of period
Annual return reconciliations
(Only complete for annual returns)
6. Reconciliation adjustments
7. Retained profits, per general purpose accounts - balance sheet