PET - Plain English Taxonomy

LRF_114_3: Off-balance Sheet Business
Australian Business Number Institution Name
  Life Insurers and Friendly Societies
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Quarterly / Annual Thousands
Reporting Consolidation
Statutory fund
Section 1: Non-Market Related Off-Balance Sheet Items
Principal Amount
1. Transactions or commitments that entail
1.1. Direct Credit Substitutes  
1.1.1. Guarantees
1.1.2. Credit derivatives - sold protection
1.1.3. Standby letters of credit
1.1.4. Bill endorsements
1.1.5. Other credit substitutes
1.1.6. Total Direct Credit Substitutes
1.2. Performance-related contingencies
1.3. Trade-related contingencies
1.4. Sale and repurchase agreements
1.5. Assets sold with recourse
1.6. Forward asset purchases
1.7. Partly paid shares and securities
1.8. Placements of forward deposits
1.9. Note issuance and revolving underwriting facilities
1.10. Other Commitments  
1.10.1. Loans Approved but Not Yet Advanced
1.10.2. Any other irrevocable commitments Undrawn formal standby facilities and credit lines Other irrevocable commitments
1.10.3. Commitments that can be unconditionally revoked at any time without notice
1.11. All other non-market-related off-balance sheet items
1.12. Total non-market-related off-balance sheet business
Of which the amounts with:  
1.12.1. Parent entity
1.12.2. Controlled entities
1.12.3. Associates / joint ventures
1.12.4. Other related parties
Section 2: Other Off-Balance Sheet Transactions
Approved Balance Available Undrawn Balance Available
(1) (2)
2. Off-Balance Sheet Liquidity Support Facilities Contracted for Reporting Entity's Use
2.1. Standby Facilities    
2.1.1. Facilities with same day draw down
2.1.2. Facilities with 2 - 5 day draw down
2.1.3. Facilities with greater than 5 day draw down
2.2. Bill acceptance / discount facilities
2.3. Letter of credit facilities
2.4. Overdrafts
2.5. Other liquidity support facilities
2.6. Total off-balance sheet liquidity support facilities
Of which the approved balances with:  
2.6.1. Parent entity
2.6.2. Controlled entities
2.6.3. Associates / joint ventures
2.6.4. Other related parties
3. Charges and Encumbrances
Purpose of Charge / Encumbrance Type of Charge / Encumbrance Principal Value of the charge Outstanding Value of the charge Value of assets subject to the charge Extent of Indebtedness Secured By Assets
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
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