PET - Plain English Taxonomy

GRF_302_0_G: Statement of Financial Position by Region (G)
Australian Business Number Institution Name
Reporting Period Scale Factor  
Semi-annual / Annual Thousands of dollars no decimal place
Reporting Consolidation
Level 2
Line items are numbered to correspond with GRF_300_0_G Total business Inter-region elimination Australian business New Zealand South East Asia Asia Pacific USA Americas UK/Europe Other
1. Total cash and liquid assets
2.1 Total investment income receivable
2.2. Total net recoveries other than reinsurance receivable
2.3.4. Total net premium receivables
2.4. Net amount recoverable from reinsurance contracts on outstanding claims and paid claims
2.5. Other reinsurance assets
2.6. Current tax assets
2.7. GST receivable
2.8. Other receivables  
3.6. Total investments  
4. Derivative financial instruments
5. Deferred tax assets  
6. Total other assets
7. Deferred levies and charges
8. Deferred reinsurance expense
9. Deferred acquisition costs
10. Total other investments
11. Total plant & equipment net of depreciation / impairment
12.3. Total intangible assets after amortisation and impairment
13. Total assets
14. Total creditors and accruals
15. Amounts due on reinsurance contracts
16. Outstanding claims liabilities
17. Unearned premium liability
18. Unexpired risk liability
19. Total borrowings
20.1. Current tax liability
20.2. Deferred tax liability
21. Total provisions
22. Total other liabilities
23. Total loan capital and hybrid securities
24. Total liabilities
25. Net assets
Shareholders' equity                    
26. Total share capital
27. Total reserves
28. Retained earnings
29. Total shareholders' equity attributable to shareholders of the company
30. Minority interests
31. Total shareholders' equity